Another beautiful day in Lake Geneva

It was a hot one today but a really nice day in Lake Geneva. A special thanks to everyone who stopped by and chatted with me especially Hannah and her family. I wasn’t sure if today was going to be one that was going to rain on me, but thankfully it was a beautiful sunny day. Thank goodness for sunscreen. Here are the two paintings that I got finished today.

Back to Lake Geneva and some Plein Air painting

What a storied day. Bee bite on the scooter ride into Lake Geneva and I need to stop at a Pharmacy for hydrocortizone. The supports for the huge crate my scooter carries breaks and I have to stop at a hardware store. My morning started with storm clouds on the horizon and no certainty I wasn’t going to get rained on. Yet, I travelled on and got myself back into the swing of things. The wind kept the feeling of 98° away, and the easel kept blowing around. All around, a good day. My final painting complete “Jack on the Pier”. Thanks all for the conversation, and thanks Jack for the title.