New Works on Canvas… more movement, momentum, mixture

With a new approach to a similar theme, I am developing works based on quicker movement and harsher changes in direction. Life sends me in new directions in aspects I have invested so much heart and design soul into… the work needs to express some of the humanness life offers and the harsher and contrasting directional change. These 5 works are in porgress, layers of additional planes of color are in mind… but this is process and I love sharing and thinking about the process.


Protests in Kenosha against Donald Trump.

Today in Kenosha I came to protest Donald Trump. Rather than tons of photographs, I made a series of drawings, met a lot of great people (from both sides of the aisle) and shook a few hands. Here are my drawings… one of which is in the proud possession of Deputy Campbell. Thanks. (I was only told to stay on the sidewalk once… maybe twice.)

The helicopters were pretty cool. 

At the Riverside with Alton Brown… and Phil… Eat Your Science!

Thank you Julie for a great Christmas gift… Alton Brown Live Eat Your Science.

Phil got a photo and a drawing… We didn’t get backstage – Thanks Phil (just kidding).

We got a GREAT Show with AB.