Taliesin and my High School Plein Air Summer Studio – What a GREAT day.

If you are ever in the Spring Green part of Wisconsin, or are just looking for a destination for the day, Taliesin is the place to go. (Not to be confused with the House on the Rock – which is a lovely place I am sure.) My plein air artists were treated to a beautiful and insightful tour of the house and studio of Mr. Wright in Taliesin as well as the school of architecture (and lunch) at the Hillside School (information about the school itself can be found HERE). Thank you to Caroline and Becky for the hospitality and warm welcome (again). Thanks also to the hardworking artists who were able to paint, draw, and get to meet some of the folks at Taliesin. AS for me… I got two watercolors done (one is now in the collection of Effi Casey, an instructor at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture – Taliesin) a painting of her house on the Taliesin Grounds.

#PleinAir is back in the air!

So glad to start the Plein Air Summer Studio at my high school. 11 kids – most of whom showed up. It was a great experience. Check out Facebook.com/ArtWithKorb to see the images of my artists and http://www.ArtWithKorb.com to see the day to day plans and ideas. Here is my day’s work – just one painting of “The Curve in the Road”.

"The Curve in the Road" Frank Korb, June 19, 2017, Watercolor on Paper. $150

“The Curve in the Road” Frank Korb, June 19, 2017, Watercolor on Paper. $150