New Work for the WAEA YAM VP Award at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center… Youth Art Month in WI.

Soup and Art, Art and Soup… Donations to the food pantry

Based on my last count, I had 45 artworks (plus a few that didn’t get resolved) made over the past 4 days during my high school lunch period by many of my art students and students who were NOT art students of mine. All of these artworks will get wrapped around a can of soup and then donated to the local Waterford, WI food pantry for those in need. The images below are my contributions.

Soup Can Art Continues…

“Dear Campbell’s Soup and the Andy Warhol Foundation,

My art club and myself have created a small edition of artworks that we’re wrapping around cans of condensed soup. After having studied the work of Warhol, we chose to use the inspiration of the soup can and 1) create individual works and 2) donate all the art and soup to a local food pantry as the holiday season draws close. If you are looking to help out those who are in need, please contact me.


Frank Korb Signature 2009.jpg


Here are some of our cans and the outstanding group that created them. Thanks!

This is a Test. This is Only a Test

Yesterday I went through the effort to update my blog / website and put a few more options in the mix. Through that, I broke the internet. This is a test for myself to see if my website is up and running or if I am only seeing a site that is in the cache of my computer. Thanks for giving your time to this silly little note.

Here is a drawing for your enjoyment.

Self Portrait in the Recliner” Frank Korb, Pencil on ARTnews Subscription Card, 4.25″ x 6″, 2013.

A day away, tree up, and a small watercolor.

It is good to take a day away sometimes. Water is off to the outside spigots, kitchen dishes are done and put away, Christmas tree is up (Birk is leaving it alone), and I took a day to visit a space I’ve never been. Thanks John for the conversation and guided tour. A small painting came from the day as well. The Poor From the Just – a lot of negative space in the top part but, the fold makes up for it later.

“The Poor From the Just” Frank Korb, Watercolor and Collage on Paper, 7 1/2″ x 5 1/4″, 2017.

With the Holiday Season upon us…

Welcome to the Holiday Season. With that, my high school’s Art Club is creating WORKS of ART and wrapping them around condensed soup. It is not exactly empty bowls, but the can of soup will fill the stomach and the free work of art can help fill the soul. This is my first of a few, and I will also be posting the works of the students as well.

I’ve updated the site and some pages. Thanks.

A number of new works have been completed, but the time to update my site has been missing… school, coaching, excuses… I’ve taken time to make some update and include a few new works. Abstractions and Plein Air have new works to see and some are below as well. Thanks.

#StateFair at #WaterfordSeniorLiving – and it RAINED!

Thank you to Cindy Lotzer and the staff at Waterford Senior Living on the first day of the WI State Fair. It POURED after about 1 1/2 hours… and the spirits were really high – even after the rain. Thank you to the wonderful residents that allowed me their time as I sketched them out. The rain interrupted the last portrait of “Trudy” but we met back up inside in the dry space. I need to draw FASTER and in a dryer space.

Today at Taliesin in Spring Green, WI

Thank you to all of the visitors and staff at Taliesin. Today I had an opportunity to create a couple of painting. This painting is just beneath Frank Lloyd Wright’s personal Studio at his home. I have one smaller one, a 40 minute sketch, that I’m going to finish up and post later. Thank you again to everyone who said hi and appreciated my work. I hope you all enjoyed your tour.

“Beneath the Studio” Frank Korb, Watercolor on Paper. 10″ x 8″, July 15, 2017. $250.

along the fox river today

We didn’t waste the weather today as we painted and made art along the river walk in Waterford.  I managed to create two works. Enjoy.