All the Views We Hold Dear Appear in Sets of Two or More

My new painting. “All the Views We Hold Dear Appear In Sets of Two or More.” 36″ x 54″, Acrylic and Collage on Canvas, 2019.

The progress and process can be found HERE.

Thoughts Will Arise. Don’t Be Troubled By Them.

Thoughts Will Arise. Don’t Be Troubled By Them., Acrylic, charcoal, bible pages, wall texturizer on canvas; 48” 36”, 2019

New painting, (Visit my Progress Album: I’ve been working to create new ideas and directions in my works. From my Work Sample Page:

“Bible pages were carefully organized into a horizontal and vertical grid by adhering them to the canvas with a toned gesso. Charcoal was attached to a three foot stick and, with a fully stretched arm, a series of looping and intersecting lines were created. Utilizing the stick and charcoal as the drawing tool allows for a guided but not completely controlled, guided by the drawing tool itself, technique for making marks. Primary colors of red and blue are the dominant hues with the gradations occurring in each of the shapes. The internal movement is framed by a textured blue border with a delicate light yellow line chasing throughout the entire freeform series of shapes in the center of the composition.”