The key behind my works are a look at the relationships of the elements within the work perhaps in relations to one another or perhaps to the content and context of the work itself using those elements to create analogies. Through the use of collage, painting, and drawing these works offer a view at, generally speaking, abstraction in the 21st Century but also revolving around the tenants of modernism or post-modernism as well as staying up on the skills of being a representational artist as well.

Use the pull down menus above to see the works from the years. More works are available upon request. Please contact us to set up a studio visit.

One thought on “Artwork

  1. HI
    its me Robin,I have been to CT,and now I have moved to KY.I may have the possibility to come back to Waterford,WI….I hope I can be there I may leave KY around June.
    P.S.-I hope to seen you very soon.
    Your good friend,

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