Unsuppress the Vote

"C is for Conversation" at MARN - Sept - Nov 2021.
Frank Korb and “This Is In Sync With Reality” at “C is for Conversation” at MARN – Sept – Nov 2021.

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This Is In Sync With Reality; You Are Fully Equipped To Do This Right Now, In This Moment; If We Could Just See This Moment For What It Is; and You Observe What Actually Takes Place From Moment To Moment each illustrate the work of liberal and progressive American population (using minorities as the exemplar through the quilt and colors in the quilt, the same group that is being held down with Jim Crow Era approaches to legislation and gerrymandering) over the efforts of the GOP as they work to suppress voting rights. The quilt and the colorful lines that run throughout and off of the handmade quilts (inspired by the history of and generally speaking women’s hands of quilting), represent all those who are being suppressed. The wall of stone and white, wrapped in US Constitutional Amendments, represent the wall being constructed to suppress voting for all through bills and laws ( at the time of this writing those rights are becoming more suppressed due to decisions by the United States Supreme Court). The hardboard base is collaged with the anti-voter legislation proposed by the WI GOP led legislature or cut up and gerrymandered maps of Wisconsin. All topped in the red of the GOP and the immovable and centralized hard black line, self-contained, moving around nothing but itself and having worked its way into the amendments of the constitution. The gold leafing represents the rights, the classical gold leaf that frames the building blocks of our republic, our democracy.