Drawings are, in some circles, the preliminary aspect to a final work of art. I, however, believe them to be and end in and of themselves. These are some of the drawings of individuals that I am very fond of. Whether on paper or other grounds, the portraits as drawings bear a close resemblance to the paintings I have created. Still exploring the shapes that form the face, the individual is captured and allowed to exist in the space of the picture plane. I personally really enjoy the immediacy (if there is such a thing) in the drawn image versus the painstaking time of the painting. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Drawings

  1. Hey Frank,
    My name is Will, and you drew me on the 7:00 train to Antioch. I just got an oppurtunity to manage one of the restaurants I work for in the burbs, downtown today. I have been waiting for a longtime for this. When you drew me I was calling my immediate family to let them know. To make it short, it was a great day today and you captured part of it. Now I have a cool story and memory, so I want to thank you for that. I was wondering though, what made you draw me? Is that just what you do to get your name out there? It worked, but I was just wondering. And thanks again.


    • Will –

      Thanks for the note and the question. Congratulations on the job by the way.

      I draw people around me for a few reasons. For me, the drawing of individuals and giving them the drawing is a major part of me being able to help give people a smile, a good portion to their day, a “Make Their Day” sort of thing (Fish Philosophy – Google it), and a part of my faith. I suppose I could keep the drawings, assemble them up and propose an art show. Or, I could give them away without any thought as to what I might get in return. Me giving the drawings away is important to me and gives me a bit of inner peace – makes me feel good, and also a bit of my religious faith in giving to others.

      I am also very interested in the human figure / portrait and capturing what makes that person up, physically and as a person. You were so “in conversation” and the importance of the conversations were obvious to me in your body language – looking out the window, focused on the people you were speaking to and not focused on the train ride. I was captured by that. The train ride is so infrequent for me, but you seemed so un-amused by the novelty of the train, an everyday sort of thing for you. I am still entertained by it – the people on it, the sights and sounds. The different experience you (or those who seem to be regulars) have on it and I have on it is interesting to me also.

      Give the drawings away to get my name out there? I suppose that is a part of it also, but I do not plan on my observation / people drawings to be what makes me famous… but one never knows. It is more about making people’s day better.

      Thanks for your e-mail, I really appreciate it. Best to you and your friends and family as you move forward in life.

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