#Dinner in #Lake Geneva with my #Family


While my family is the more important part of tonight’s dinner, were settling in and gathering our thoughts while we wait for the pizza. I am taking a moment to celebrate ther newest investment in my art company… Business Cards! These are from the online company Moo.com and are mini cards. Neat. Next time you run into me, ask for one. Here’s my family too. Time for tic tac toe.


My Trip to Chicago

On Thursday, my daughter and I took the Metra from Fox Lake, IL to Chicago to do the sights. An hour and a half train trip to the city, a day and good portion of the night, and then the trip home (another hour and a half). Regardless of the time and expenses, we had a wonderful day. On top of that, we met some really neat individuals from Seattle, had drinks and some snacks, and some fun conversations. I only wish I had busted out my sketchbook at that point. Whatever… I did make 5 drawings during the day, 3 of which I managed to photograph and present here. Thanks to everyone I was able to draw, it was nice for you to knowingly, of unknowingly, pose. Enjoy.