What’s Been Happening Lately? Works from the Studio.

With new works come new ideas! I also find that a good run helps me to get some ideas  moving around in the head and then to the board (not so much canvas…). The five newest works added to the larger body of abstract works will be on view at Cafe LuLu in the Bay View Neighborhood of Milwaukee (2265 S Howell Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207) by the end of the month (except “I Will Fill it With Splendid Gifts” gone, destroyed, bye, bye – Thanks Don at the Art*Bar in Milwaukee – AWESOME “One Week Painting”. Please take a moment to look through these works and see (week of July 22). These works have become a lot more about the recycling of materials, often found in the streets, but sometimes found in studio, and even classroom – thanks Phelan! I have taken some time to think about the materials that are being used and, thanks to a recent trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum, the materials have regained a sense of purpose. Enjoy!

– Frank