“One of You is About to Betray Me” – Set Design and Painting

A brief look at the inspiration and process behind the painting “One of You is About to Betray Me.”

During the 2015 Spring Break from my day to day job, I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Zachary Zeigler at Catholic Central High School in Burlington, WI to create an end of the show effect – a version of the last supper. Inspiration began with the most obvious Leonardo DaVinci’s most famous work. Another work that inspired me was the wooden construction by Marisol (Marisol Escobar). I enjoy the both of them for their depictions of the essential moment in the Christian faith when Jesus created the sacrament of communion – changing bread and wine into his body and blood. This is the moment in the musical “Godspell” where these random boxes will be assembled by the skilled and practiced cast into the final painting. While the boxes are getting a bit roughed up during rehearsals, the effect is wonderful. Thank you Zach and CC for allowing me the opportunity to create a work of art to help visually illustrate the creation of the most holy sacrament of communion – in a long line of artists who have done the same.