Running and Art?

Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon

Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon

Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon The 2009 Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon begins on October 4th in front of Grafton High School (Grafton, WI). Running has become, over the past 3 years, another of my self-directed passions/obsessions. It has taken me out of the long hours in the studio and moved me into the long hours on the road. Granted, the production of the artworks has decreased a bit, but so has my waistline, weight (by 50+ pounds) and I’d have to guess my cholesterol. Has it given me more artwork? No… but the work has changed! Running has allowed me additional quiet and thoughtful time to analyze my ideas and challenges, listen to the world around me and hopefully give myself a longer time on this world. The marathon that is coming up is quite a challenge, at least I think so. this is my first and will hopefully not be my last. My daughter is asking me to sign up for the Disney Marathon, not because she is proud of my running, but to get to Disney again. It wouldn’t take much for me to agree, but… I am going to get through Milwaukee first. Get up and GO! Move and be moved! Sit NO LONGER on the couch and make excuses about not being able to exercise! I started with at least 3 months of walking and SLOWLY began to run! I remember the first time I tried a mile – ouch. Now… 26.2 is on my list, and I know I will accomplish that. If you are going to be in the/a marathon – good running! If you are going to be watching – thanks! Otherwise… Keep running – Keep making art – Keep enjoying your passions and obsessions (so long as they are the healthy ones). See you on the trails!
– Frank

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