“She Does Love to Swim”

Special thanks to all those family and friends (new and old) that were able to make the Open Canvas event in Milwaukee. Thanks also to those who sent me images so I was able to have them (no cameras please). Thank you especially to Tiffany for purchasing (and all those who bid) the painting She Does Love to Swim and to the lovely young, up and coming artist who visited me a couple of times throughout the evening who helped me name the painting.

The event was a complete success! The assortment of artists was fantastic and talented. Some works looked done at 2:00 and others took a few more (mine) to get NEAR completion. From 1pm – 10pm I painted. I got VERY worried around 8:00pm when I was certain I wasn’t going to get done. My only regret about the evening was that I didn’t get the chance to see much of the artwork from the night. A few specific artist’s works I was hoping to see but never got around to. Maybe there’ll be a website with the “official” photographs from the night.

Thank you to Jeff Kursel for putting the entire night together and also to Lori for dropping this event in my lap and making a phone call for me. I really had a great time and thank you so very much. Maybe I’ll be back next year… I sure HOPE I get the invite back! Enjoy!



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