#EMailBlast from Dana at North for Now.

“The Primary Enduring Entity We Imagine to Exist”, Frank Korb, Acrylic and Collage on Canvas and Wood, 35 1/4” x 26 1/2″, $1,080.


“Friends! Hello!

Here is an original piece of art for sale by Wisconsin artist Frank Korb.

I really enjoy art that questions my assumptions, challenges me to look at my beliefs and asks why I chose them.  For me, art allows me to wander, story tell, and pick up on cues that serve as seeds for discussion.  There is no shortage of cues from this irregular piece by Frank Korb.  I see a cow, a fish in a yoga pose, and an affirmation of all of the irregular decisions I’ve made in my life.  Nice.

You can see process pictures of the creation of this piece here, and more of Frank’s work at frankkorb.com.

Cheers!  – Dana”

Check out Dana’s Site and my work HERE.


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