.@ArtWorks4Mke #CareSlips #ARTWorksforMilwaukee – Thank You!

Today I was able to participate in a ZOOM Creative session where I was not the one teaching. Thank you to the ART Works for Milwaukee for inviting and hosting the session. I think this will become an end of day Thursday and Friday activity for me and my students. Art CareSlips is the activity!

We began with some meditation and movement within our own spaces. I found myself not moving a lot in the beginning, but as it continued I stretched and bent and moved. We then went into a 5 minute reflection with marker on paper to relive the meditation – moving the marker around and where it went is where it went. No Erasing.

From there we chose colors (I used tempera paint) and filled in the spaces – no judgement – just color. I thought about balance and unity and then the leader mentioned that might be something to consider.

Next we wrote about the image, the experience, the opposite of the experience perhaps. Sometimes it is literal and sometimes symbolic – mine was abstract and symbolic.

Finally there was a ZOOM Dance (I chose to continue painting). A great 30 minutes of making and taking a break from isolation in the art studio. Thank you ART Works for Milwaukee.


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