“Examine This Closely for a Moment.” SOLD!

"Examine This Closely for a Moment." Frank Korb, Acrylic and Collage on Canvas,12.125" x 10.25", SOLD
“Examine This Closely for a Moment.” Frank Korb, Acrylic and Collage on Canvas,12.125″ x 10.25″, SOLD

Thank you to Jerry for the purchase of “Examine This Closely for a Moment”. It is off to a new home in the Kenosha area! There are 5 more works in this series available (3 in Texas currently at the “Aptitude” exhibition by Gallery 8680 and Envision Arts. Please visit: https://frankkorb.com/abstraction/2020-2/complimentary-series-of-6/ to see the remaining 5 works.


Frank Korb’s work (right) with Ken Shuck’s work (left) at the Envision Arts show “Aptitude” at Gallery 8680 in Frisco TX, 2020.

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