A new day is here. Six new works find their place in the world. The world finds itself in a better place.

Six New Works – Titles are there – I just need to photograph them separately. 6″ x 6″ each. Acrylic and collage on paper. 2020. $100 each.

The past months (years) have created in me (and others) a sense of strife, anxiety, anger, and worry. Not only because of the political decisions that had been made in the oval office but also because of the divide and rise of hate, division, lack of acceptance of everyone. In addition, the acceptance of the behaviors, words, discrimination, racism (and the list goes on) has caused me (and others) a great deal of concern for the moral compass that this country is using as a guide. Over the past year I have been creating works that are specific to the fight we, as a nation, are in. I am a liberal. I am a progressive. I am a Democrat. Above all that I am an American. Above even that I am human who is concerned for all humanity.

Here are my works. Enjoy. Ask questions. Inquire. They are all for sale (that’s what a website is for right? For sale unless otherwise noted). Thanks for visiting.



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