6 New Works – Clouds and Climate Change

These six new works all deal with the ideas of climate change. Subtleties abound in the works. My choices in color use represent the following – although one can find many more ideas as one looks deeper into the challenges the environment faces. The grey’s represent the ideas (and facts) of pollution: smog, tailpipes, smokestacks, factory exhaust and more. The oranges represent the beautifully rich skies at sunrise and sunset as with wildfires across the country and world burn. Gorgeous visually to see on the horizon from a far but devastating when it in it right up close. My choice of the greens represent the pollution of out large and small waterways, rivers, lakes, and oceans. From the chemicals poured in to the plastics and other garbage that has collected over the decades. Finally, the toned down reds of the burning of cities.

"We Rely Only on What We Think (EC)," Frank Korb, Acrylic, Sand, and Collage on Canvas, 13 3/4" x 17 1/4", 2021.
We Rely Only on What We Think (EC),” Frank Korb, Acrylic, Sand, and Collage on Canvas, 13 3/4″ x 17 1/4″, 2021.

There is more to the pollution and climate change than just what happens in the wilderness. The burning of the cities can be seen as the literal architecture being consumed but it can also be seen as the streets, the sewers, the lots and decay of buildings. Of course there is more. The underlying painting is taken from the sunrise of my own neighborhood and commute to work. Looking out at the beauty of the eastern horizon as the sun breaks it and casts the oranges and blues is a beautiful beginning to my days. From there I cast a number of light blue glazes over the top of the sky, blocking out the brushwork and beauty of the under-painting. The white-blue line that chases and builds up the outline of the shapes is from the same white-blue of the glaze, a coarse sand texture has been added to that and some of the colors within the shapes as well. A texture of contamination of the surface.

Finally, (and there is more – there is always more) the framing – finishing up the use of wood from other frames and constructions so that I can maximize the use use of the materials, I allow a gap between the back edge of the frame and the wall so that one can see clearly the colors of the under-painting without the haze and glaze over top.

Detail of frame and painting up close.

Some have pointed out that they see other things in the forms. I agree. Just like the clouds and the shapes in the sky, one can see what they will in the clouds.

Each work is framed and ready to hang. As of the writing of this post they are each selling for $375 (+tax and shipping).


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