#WIARTED – WAEA Secondary Art Teacher of the Year

I am honored to represent all of the outstanding secondary visual arts educators in Wisconsin and the nation. Thank you to my loving wife and daughter Julie and Abby Korb for their never ending support of my efforts as an artist, educator, and leader. Without you both, I’d never have been able to accomlpish what I have. Thank you to my parents and family, my mom Ginger Boglitsch and my dad Frank Korb as teachers and dad Paul Boglitsch for demonstrating the importance of teaching others as well as serving others as a volunteer and leader. Thanks as well as all the other teachers in my family for demonstrating to me the importance of education in out lives. Thank you to my friends in the WAEA for my nomination and friendship. Thank you to those who I have worked with as partners in my lifetime of teaching. My art teacher and then colleague, Sonja Kipper for bringing me back into the art department as a high schooler and then as a partner in the same department. Sue Messer, Bob Mertens, and Bill Chandler for helping me find my way as an artist and educator. Beth Schleiger for helping me break out of my shell in the department and get involved in the WAEA as a leader, Brett Roberts for being my exemplar as one who can do a phenomenal job, not letting the frustrations get to me, and being able to relax a little, and Angie Szabo (as well as the entire K-12 team in Fort Atkinson) for continuing to push me to be the best arts educator for our kids and community. Thank you to everyone else whose names I haven’t forgotten but can’t list here because I will have forgotten someone… Thank you.


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