A “Still Life for Ukraine, 2022” (All proceeds will be donated to help the people of Ukraine.)

"Still Life for Ukraine, 2022" Frank Korb, Acrylic on Canvas mounted to Masonite, 12" x 10", 2022.
“Still Life for Ukraine, 2022″ Frank Korb, Acrylic on Canvas mounted to Masonite, 12″ x 10”, 2022.

This work began as a monochromatic work in blue (go figure) weeks ago. And then Russia waged war on Ukraine. While I can’t do a whole lot to help the fight, this piece offers what I can do to help. $1000 is the asking price and all proceeds will go to a not for profit that is helping the people of Ukraine. I’ll frame it. The shipping costs and the sales tax will be added to the cost after it is sold (and you and I can talk about that when you purchase the work).

HERE are the progress images of the work from start to finish.


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