New Works… It’s been some time

I have been busy with a lot of other things than serious making of art. Local volunteering, new job, politics, state membership and organizing of events… I’ve been busy. In honor of a day of voting… here is my new NON Divided painting in blue. Yet Untitled… Enjoy.

Taliesin Plein Air 2018

Thank you to all the staff and volunteers at Taliesin. The Plein Air week was awesome – even though I was able to participate only in the Buyer’s Reception on Saturday night and the Quick Paint on Saturday. These two events were wonderful and inspiring. I look forward to next years’s (and perhaps a few more in between). Enjoy the video by Richard and Diane Higby – I hope you enjoy. Also – take a walk through my photos of the Quick Paint day!

Photo Album HERE


Commission at the #WIStateFair Today

Thanks to Melanie at Dazzle Body Art at the WI State Fair for the opportunity to come back and paint for the day. I talked to SO many great people and saw many of my friends and former students.

#PleinAir at the #WIStateFair

This has been a great week of art making for me. Starting off with the WI State Fair and then with the Waterford Seven. Here is what I got done at the Fair. All for sale in the Expo Building.

#HaircutForDogs and #PleinAirPainting… All at the same time.

Birk got a haircut tonight… cute huh…


and I got a painting done. Tiger Lilly.


#WaterfordSeven… A new #Adventure in #Painting

My new session with the Waterford 7 began today. This is going to be a summer of painting for these folks. An incredible group and skilled artists. today we began by prepping our canvases with bright orange, and then we went into some abstract painting and learned how to mix our colors. Next week we are going to be getting into the idea of landscapes.

#DoorCounty… #PleinAir happens a lot here. This is my contribution.

Plein Air paintings happen a lot here in Door County, WI. I’m in Sister Bay and this was my view of the bay this morning.

Plein Air has begun. 2 days of my work as my students work.

Painting out of doors has always been a fun approach… And challenging one because I choose to go watercolor. Two works, two days… Enjoy.

Friends on the Square.

Best to the ladies I drew with at Friends on the Square in Elkhorn, WI tonight. Waiting for Birk to get haircut, I took some time.e to chat up life and plans with the barista and her friend. This is my drawing from that time.

#NewWork for my #AP #StudioArt

With the year ending, and my 19 years (I’m still giving them my 100% – and SUMMER SCHOOL with Plein Air Art), I have created a final work for the AP Kids. Titled Eleven Concentrations and One Breadth it is a work using the works of the 12 AP kids. I have truly enjoyed the time with each of them and I wish all of the art students (and all the rest of my students) well as they continue to move forward in their career. Keep in touch.

F. Korb

“Eleven Concentrations & One Breadth” 2018