#ThreeStoriesUp… a view of #LakeGeneva I didn’t actually see

What a beautiful day in Lake Geneva! The sun was out, the winds were low and the shoppers were really polite and interested. I look forward to another day tomorrow as I get out and continue to work on my approach to the Plein Air paintings. My approach is coming along… I just have to keep at it. Thanks to Julie for her continues support in my passion of painting.

#BTown #music (and #Art) in the #Park

A great afternoon of barbecue and conversation turned into a night of great music and painting. Thanks to all the folks and kids who stopped by to see me at work. Follow my site (there is a spot on this page to do that) like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.

“Early Tuesday Evening” in #LakeGeneva with #PleinAir #Painting and #SOLD

Wonderful evening in downtown Lake Geneva. The individuals that I met tonight: Art Teacher, Store Owners, Theater Actor, kids of all ages… the ideas shared and comments made were really great and appreciated. Thanks all. I am anxious to get back to the streets on Thursday. And thanks to Mary, Ann, and Ginger for the purchases of THREE watercolors! Enjoy!

#ArtStudio is #CLEAN

While I am not entirely sure what is going to take place tomorrow with my plein air schedule – perhaps a day in Lake Geneva again – street views – I do know that the studio at home is once again ready to be used. This is probably the best I’ve cleaned and TOSSED in years. Don’t wait for a tornado warning to straighten up your studio – it is amazing how good it feels to be in a nice space that’s clean and reorganized.

#Mixed #Rain and #Sun in #LakeGeneva – #Painting in #PleinAir

A wonderful but mixed day in Lake Geneva today. (A GREAT WEEK TOO!) The scooter got all fixed up and running, I even washed it up. The trip in was about a half and hour. Longer than if I drove my car BUT the parking is on SIDEWALKS! I parked within 2 minutes of where I painted. WONDERFUL! That said – I was a bit scared when I got done for the day – I could not get it started right away. YIKES! THANK you to all who stopped by. Families, individuals, couples… I had a lot great conversations and I HOPE that those of you who DID come by (and got a card) happen to visit my site. Two paintings today: Reflections of the Lake and At the Dock.

#Wednesday in #LakeGeneva


Another wonderful day in the shade in Lake Geneva. The conversations, once again, were worthwhile and, hopefully, gave a lot of people a sense of appreciation for the lake and what it is to create a watercolor painting. Thank you to everybody who stopped by, especially my buddy Zach Ziegler who biked in from Burlington via Williams Bay. Most importantly, thanks to my mom who join me on today’s trip. Please visit my Plein Air Site to get a feeling for many of my works at: https://frankkorb.wordpress.com/pleinair/

#Today in#LakeGeneva


It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Lake Geneva, WI today. I had a lot of visitors stop by and had a lot of great conversation about art making, art, and all of the challenges that go into the creation of a successful work of art. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and looked at the progress of this painting. Let me know if you are interested today’s work. Thank you, enjoy the day.

New #PleinAir Paintings.

Welcome to my NEW plein air paintings. I have updated my plein air (watercolors) page and have begun to really look at the world around me. While I will always continue to create my abstractions – I love the interaction of the abstract shapes and spaces, the challenges of the observable world is also intriguing. Like all the artists that have inspired me, I work to explore a wide variety of techniques and approaches. I had the great opportunity to work with a handful of artists this summer on the streets of Waterford, WI as they created two weeks of watercolors and 2 weeks of acrylics – all direct observations of the space around them. I also took the time to observe and interpret the town I grew up in. Now I am off to Lake Geneva to share my works and explore the space just down the road. Maybe I’ll see you there.

These works are all available – please let me know when you are interested in purchasing one of these or check out the entire current collection of my plein air paintings on their very own page – HERE.

“One of You is About to Betray Me” – Set Design and Painting

A brief look at the inspiration and process behind the painting “One of You is About to Betray Me.”

During the 2015 Spring Break from my day to day job, I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Zachary Zeigler at Catholic Central High School in Burlington, WI to create an end of the show effect – a version of the last supper. Inspiration began with the most obvious Leonardo DaVinci’s most famous work. Another work that inspired me was the wooden construction by Marisol (Marisol Escobar). I enjoy the both of them for their depictions of the essential moment in the Christian faith when Jesus created the sacrament of communion – changing bread and wine into his body and blood. This is the moment in the musical “Godspell” where these random boxes will be assembled by the skilled and practiced cast into the final painting. While the boxes are getting a bit roughed up during rehearsals, the effect is wonderful. Thank you Zach and CC for allowing me the opportunity to create a work of art to help visually illustrate the creation of the most holy sacrament of communion – in a long line of artists who have done the same.

#OpenCanvas TONIGHT #Art, #Painting, and #Scholarship

Tonight! Open Canvas night in Milwaukee. Pritzlaff Building (333 N Plankinton). 6:00 public arrives… $55 donation. I am in this year… Thank you Jeff Kursel for organizing and inviting me again. Sign up on my mailing list (under BIO above) to get more information and to stay in the loop!