#OpenCanvas TONIGHT #Art, #Painting, and #Scholarship

Tonight! Open Canvas night in Milwaukee. Pritzlaff Building (333 N Plankinton). 6:00 public arrives… $55 donation. I am in this year… Thank you Jeff Kursel for organizing and inviting me again. Sign up on my mailing list (under BIO above) to get more information and to stay in the loop!

My lunch (and art) at Cafe LuLu with my family in Bay View, Milwaukee

Once again, but with a moving twist, I offer a brief glimpse of the works currently on display (and for sale) at Cafe LuLu in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee, WI. When you happen to be in the neighborhood – please stop in and take a look. My family and I had a great lunch there and this is a short video of the works. Please, stop in and check out the works, have a GREAT MEAL, and contact me when you are interested in the works. Also… mark your calendars for September 27 when the ENTIRE BAY VIEW Neighborhood opens their artistic doors to celebrate the artwork, artists, art galleries, and art spaces that Bay View, Milwaukee has to offer. I will be at Café LuLu to talk and chat… I hope to see you, and all your friends, there!

Racine Co. Fair – En Plein Air Painting Contest 2010

Racine Co. Fair… Day 3. Today I participated in the first En Plein Air Painting contest. There were 5 first year entrants and we were given a canvas and 3 hours to complete our observations of the fair. I thought about what everyone sees when they come to the fair and what the most common, every-year, and, to me, iconic areas of the fair there were. The main entrance and Squires Hot Dog stand stood out to me. Here are pictures that Julie took of the First Year WINNER! $40 and a great 2′ x 4′ canvas and the honor of being the inaugural winner! Thanks to the Racine Co. Fair for putting on such a great idea. There were a lot of great conversations and questions by the fair goers and other artists who took place. Julie, thanks for taking the pictures and for the 4 hours of painting time. Thanks also to Toni for talking me into joining the fun!

The Art Bar 2009-2010 WINNER

The winner of one of 10 BEST PAINTINGS from 2009-10
19 March 2010, artists from all over Wisconsin (and maybe some from other parts of the country – heck World) converged upon Don Krause’s ART BAR at 722 East Burleigh Street in Milwaukee, WI to celebrate yet another successful year of paintings. 52 paintings were painted and then photographed so the celebration could have a wall of paintings and a slide show to visually take us through the year, one painting at a time. From gluttony to sea monkeys, flying eggs to the Art Bar itself (mine) the paintings were the stringest Mr. Krause has seen since the whole event started. For the second time in 5 years, Abby and I took a place of honor upon the wall of the Art Bar as one of Don’s favorite paintings for the year. I have already scheduled myself for July 25th so make sure you save that date… I sure hope I have saved tat date. Enjoy the pictures!