My Summer at UWM – Figure Drawing

Seated Nude

Seated Nude

Please take a look at more of the works I have been completing at UWM at the tab above… otherwise… I am having a GREAT time working with serious young artists and being back in a studio. The development of the figurative work is directing me in very different and far more spontaneous directions than my current portraits have led me. While I am still looking to the shape and form of the face, the figure is offering more and more challenges. For the time being, I am putting away the tightly rendered 15+ hour pencils drawings and concentrating on work a bit more loose yet still well developed. One solid week in, tons of drawings, lots of sketches and some master works recreated – it is good to be back in college! It is great to work directly with another professional practicing artist (Andy Fletcher) and the feedback from the rest of the class is being absorbed daily. i do hope that you take a look at some of the other works and please, enjoy!

One thought on “My Summer at UWM – Figure Drawing

  1. I really enjoy this piece it has a very comforting feel to it. It gives off that you can be comfortable in front of any one and spread your knowledge with no regret. The form of the man is very wise and ready for anything. I love the contrast it’s very strong, it has a very smooth feel to it. Over all I really like it. –Mr.Binkles

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