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Feb 27 2009 Sketchbook (small)

Feb 27 2009 Sketchbook (small)

From the CAN website (

[T]he idea of poetry and the art is a great combination of the two… although neither of us has yet added the art tot he poetry. [I] tried a poetry/art with students (art club) in my high school (9 – 12 grade art classes) and got little response. Next year. It’s funny that it is something that is so easy to begin dealing with – poetry. Art too. Although, it seems intimidating from the outside, there has to be a muse to make it worthwhile. Ha! It is exactly the opposite. it can be from anything, everything, nothing at all. It is so open and so easy to get started with. That does not, however, make it all good… good and great take time, but it sure is fun.

“It’s so quiet in the house at 3:30 in the morning. The refrigerator and the sound of my pencil scritching over this page are about all I can hear. There’s a wind outside – but I don’t hear it over the din of the household. 62 degrees inside feels much cooler than 62 degrees outside at this time of year.”

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