Live Locally, Live Beautifully.

Thank you to all the artists and patrons who came to the first run at a home art show and sale. The conversations that were had, the connections made were wonderful. Special thanks to Stephanie Wiedenhoeft (Your Personal Art Consultant) – my art representative – in setting up and organizing the show. Also thanks to Paul Matzner for making great photographs of the show. Please visit Your Personal Art Consultant on Facebook  ( and take a look at all that Stephanie has to offer!

One thought on “Live Locally, Live Beautifully.

  1. Dear Frank
    Great site. Really enjoyed along with your abstracts.

    I read from an older post of yours that you joined Xanadu Gallery.
    I was just interested from one artist to another and hopefully you can be frank
    1. Have you had any sales through Xanadu? If so, how many?
    2. Are you still represented by them? And
    3. WEre you happy with their representation?

    I would really appreciate your feedback, it would really help me out.
    thanks so much


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